Fee Policy

Our goal is to keep fees as reasonable as possible.  When you succeed, we succeed! 

Below is our policy on fees and collections:  

Tax Returns

Rates are generally set to compensate as closely as possible for the time spent on your tax return.  If a tax return takes longer than originally anticipated, the fee will increase. It will not increase, however, because of small or incidental additional time.

Included in the tax preparation fee:

  • Complete preparation of your tax return
  • Filing a tax extension, if needed
  • Phone calls/emails during year that require less than 5 minutes time
  • Correction of any errors

Not included in the tax preparation fee:

  • Corrections/reprints made after tax return completion that are the result of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the client
  • Assistance with inquiries, examinations or audits of any kind by any tax authority.  This service is available but is billable at standard hourly rates (below) with a $50 minimum.  However, you may fax or email a letter received and we will read over it at no charge. 
  • Tax planning.  This will be billed at our standard hourly rates.

Fee Guidelines

Your tax return fee can vary each year based on the information that you provide.  If we prepared your return last year and your tax information is similar, then you can expect a small "cost of living" increase. 

* The rates will increase with:

  • Extra data entry from multiple Forms W-2 and/or 1099-R
  • Schedule B with many accounts, foreign tax credits, time spent calculating federal and/or state tax exempt interest and dividends 
  • Schedule C/SE for self-employment
  • Schedule E for rental income
  • Extra states 
  • State income allocations 
  • Part year state income allocations
  • Schedule D
  • Forms K-1
  • Vehicle Expenses
  • Home Office
  • Long delays between information being requested and received 
  • Complexity requiring research, additional communication, etc.
  • Various other factors

Other Services

 The following are billable at our standard hourly rates (minimum billing $50):

  • Federal, state or local tax audit, examination or inquiry assistance
  • Writing letters
  • Consulting
  • Tax planning or projections
  • Accounting services such as write-up, help setting up books, consulting regarding accounting issues

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